Leading the Way in Revolutionary Refinement


State-of-the-art facility with adherence to all FDA, USDA, and State-level codes and practices.


Delivering high quality, third-party tested hemp extracts for use in human and pet food products.


Using new scientific and medical discoveries to produce custom cannabinoid formulations.

Who We Are

Clean Green Extractions (CGE) is a food & essential oils processor primarily specialized in the extraction, refinement, and distillation of phytocannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis. While CGE’s principle product is broad-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) distillate, CGE has the capability to target any compounds from plant material which are soluble in alcohols or other hydrocarbons.


To produce distillate for market, CGE receives approved biomass directly from approved farmers with appropriate licensure and certified product, processes the biomass using semi-automated process equipment which extracts, winterizes, and fractionates the hydrocarbon-soluble compounds from the biomass, submits a sample of the distillate to an approved ISO 17025 certified and DEA registered third-party laboratory, and then sells the certified product to business-to-business customers.


CGE can also isolate individual cannabinoids, with the ability to refine and market isolates and derivative products of CBG, CBN, CBC, delta8-THC, and other emerging federally-legal cannabinoids of public and medical interest.

High Quality Hemp Oil Refinement

Under Florida law, cannabis processors are regulated as a sub-type of food processor, with such organizations being considered Hemp Food Establishments. Rule 5K-4.034 of the Florida Administrative Code specifically regulates the production and marketing of hemp extracts, which includes CBD distillate, as a food. While this runs afoul of the FDA’s current position, CGE knowingly chooses to operate within the prevailing federal framework and in full compliance with state law.


With awareness of these issues and an uncompromising commitment to end-user safety and product quality, CGE initiated the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of a quality management system (QMS) and process-defined operations scheme compliant to ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems, Requirements, ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management Systems, and FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices – Human Food (cGMP – Human Food). By adhering to these standards, CGE will differentiate itself as a leader in the cannabis processing industry and position itself to be fully compliant with future changes and harmonization of regulations concerning cannabis at the federal, state, and local level.

Our Process

We Make Custom Orders

Every product requires specific needs. Our team's got you covered! Talk to one of our product specialists to get a full scope of our capabilities and how we can help you make the perfect product.

Our passion for what we do is easily translated through the quality of our work. We've taken delicate care to ensure that every step of our process meets the needs and requirements of our clients. The safety of our employees, efficacy of our production chain, and purity of our products all work towards the same goal: Clean Green Extractions.

The combination of a modular extraction machine system, high-throughput flash purification system, and automated rotary evaporator allows CGE to create an endless combination of specialized cannabinoid formulations in astoundingly short periods of time compared to other methods.

Advanced Refinement System

Partner With Us

Clean Green Extractions offers a variety of outright purchase and profit-share arrangements based on our clients' needs. We aim to beat the competition in our industry in both quality and speed. Our equipment, facility, and team are among the best in the field, which is how we're able to offer bulk discounts, fast turn-around, and outstanding purity.

Outright Purchase

Clean Green Extractions offers numerous outright purchase terms with great benefits to farmers.  We maintain beneficial pricing for clients based on market averages adjusted on a monthly basis using data from trusted industry sources.  Our processing team valuates biomass based upon the fully dried weight as measured on a calibrated scale.  We periodically send out representative samples of biomass to third-party testing laboratories to ensure the validity of drying processes, assessed weights, and prices conveyed.  Our close proximity to major freeways, international airports, and seaport access allow for simple logistics solutions for transport.  We understand that every transaction is different, and terms are variable and ever-changing.  CGE is ready to bid for your hemp in the spirit of cooperation and fairness.

Profit Split

Clean Green Extraction offers profit-split partnerships with farms as a means to earn a higher profit for the same amount of hemp, while helping CGE in that we pay no up front cost.  Our remarkable sales team comes from a variety of business-to-business backgrounds and begins seeking buyers for your hemp as soon as a contract is signed, often weeks before we receive your hemp for processing.  We match end-product buyers with the input biomass we receive based on strain, cannabinoid ratio, terpene profile, and any other desired characteristic.  Every batch is catalogued with a UID (Unique Identification) QR code prior to leaving the farm, and maintains traceability throughout the extraction, isolation, and formulation processes as needed.  As this UID ends up on the finished product, the buyer is able to see the entire life-cycle of the product they’ve purchased by scanning the QR code.

Let's Talk Partnership

Whether you're selling flower and biomass, or prefer to arrange a profit-split agreement, our team is standing by to start a dialogue. We are passionate about making meaningful, long-term connections with farmers. Contact us today!