Finished Goods

Finished Goods

Contract Manufacturing Done Right

Clean Green Extractions offers a variety of Contract Manufacturing Services to create finished goods containing your choice of our Water-Soluble Powders, Isolates, and Distillates as the active ingredients. This is a great choice for any company that does not have the means to do its own product manufacturing or formulation. Every order is custom-tailored to meet the requirements of our clients. We work closely with your team to design the product, create beautiful packaging, and ensure compliant status through a third-party testing facility once the product is complete. Our custom product services include, but are not limited to:

  • Gummies
  • Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT)
  • Instant Release Tablets (IR)
  • Gelcaps
  • Canned Beverages
  • Bottled Beverages

Each step of product formulation is carefully inspected and performed to exact specifications. Additionally, we offer additional Analytical, Stability, Quality Control testing upon request such as:


• Partition Coefficient

• pH/Stability/Solubility Profiles

• In-vitro release & permeability testing/characterization (dissolution & franz cell)

• Thermal Analysis

• Drug Potency Analysis

• Excipient Compatibility Testing

• Polymorphism Screening

• Chemical & Physical Stability Evaluation

• Hygroscopicity

• Product uniformity evaluation

• Photostability studies

Quality Control:

• Release testing

• Stability protocol generation

• Stability storage

• Stability testing

• Stability summary report generation

• Stability time points and conditions specific report generation

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